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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you maintain all this ?

I host everything on Contabo. I generate this website with my static site generator. I have a casual mail server setup with OpenSMTP and Dovecot. You can check source of this website.

Which OS you are using ?

On desktop GNU/Linux. More specifically Arch Linux with no systemd, Artix Linux with runit init system and hardened Linux kernel. In server side I prefer OpenBSD.

How can I reach you?

Try to e-mail me. If you know me personally, don't come to my place or don't disturb my folks if I decided to dissappear or changed my casual contact informations again.

Can you share about your desktop environment ?

I mostly use my versions of suckless software. dwm as window manager, st as terminal emulator, dmenu for dynamic menus, tabbed for window containers, neovim as text editor. zathura as pdf reader and calcurse as agenda. You can browse my configuration files.

How is your taste ?

Go check my What do I like? post.

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