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Serhan Ekici. Born in Istanbul, Turkey. Technical University of Munich Computer Sciences Bachelor of Arts student (2023-). Mainly interested in boring stuff that you don't care about. mathematics, philosophy, politics, music, history, and natural sciences.

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Short answer, it makes my life easier. I believe this is the right place to share; works, art, knowledge, thoughts, and opinions with no censorship but with flexibility limited only to my imagination. I am not a big fan of the modern web; advertisements, sharing private data, scrolling through social media feeds generated by typical algorithms, shadow-bans, demonetization, trackers, cookies, and JavaScript. I don't admire to continue spinning this wheel either. The only correct way to fix this is decentralization, privacy, and anonymity.

In my view, individually answering or explaining is highly inefficient and time-wasting. If you have questions related to me personally, this is the best place to get answers. Check F.A.Q.

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